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Fall 2018 Class Schedule


Studio A:

3:45-4:30  Ballet I

4:30-5:30  Ballet IV

5:30-6:00  Tiny Tots

6:30-7:30 Preschool Combo


Studio B:

4:00-5:30       Combo ages 7-9

6:00-7:15     Combo ages 6-7

7:30-8:30      Jazz Technique 



Studio A:

4:00     Preschool Combo

5:00     Preschool Combo

6:00      Preschool Combo

7:00      Jazz/ Hiphop ages 11 & up 

Studio B:

3:45-4:30      Revolution Juniors 


5:00-5:30      Revolution Teens

5:30-7:00    Revolution Teen/Seniors  




Studio A:

3:30-4:00     Tiny Tots

4:00-5:30    Combo ages 7-9

5:30-6:30    Preschool Combo

Studio B:

4:00-5:15   Stars Rehearsal

5:15-6:30   Combo ages 5-7



Studio A:

3:45-4:30    Revolution Juniors

4:30-500    Juniors Tap

5:00-6:00    Revolution Teens

6:15-8:00   Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hiphop combo ages 9-11   


Studio B:

4:00-5:00   Combo Ballet/Tap/Jazz ages 5-6

5:00-6:00  Ballet II

6:00-7:15   Ballet III

7:15-8:00  Revolution Seniors

This is our preliminary schedule. Please note: Some classes are not on schedule yet, and times/days are subject to change based on enrollment.








Preschool Combo
Designed to develop your child’s natural interest in dance and music. The fundamentals of basic dance movement, pre ballet, tumbling and creative movement are introduced. Tap is integrated into the curriculum to help reinforce movement skills of feet using rhythmic music and character-type songs.  Ages 3-4

Tiny Tots
Designed for 2 yr. olds to introduce basic elements of movement. Body awareness exercises, gross motor skills, social interaction and pre-tumbling skills are introduced in a lively format (often with the help of our winderful friends, the teddy bears!)

A combination of ballet/tap/jazz are all included in this weekly class designed for ages 5-9.

Ballet & Pointe
Includes traditional barre and center work designed to build a beautiful, graceful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise. After sufficient study of ballet students are advanced to pointe. Students must be enrolled in a ballet class to take pointe.

Jazz dancing includes stretches, isolations, turns, hops, jumps, leaps and choreographed combinations. This class provides a progressive system of exercises and physical toning and strengthening of the body. Students will develop style and solid control through jazz dance.

A fun form of dance where rhythmic sounds are created by the feet. This lively class combines the study of rhythm, precision and fluidity of movement and style. Tap dancing is an excellent way to increase the coordination between mind and body.

Hip-Hop is an energetic and contemporary form of dance inspired by today’s hit dances and upbeat music. It emphasizes on body isolations, movement and rhythm.  Ages 8 & up

Lyrical Jazz/Contemporary
Refers to the unique style of jazz dance that expresses emotional sentiment through the use of the balletic line and music. Lyrical is a lovely dance style for the ballet and jazz dancer.  Ages 8 & up

Our performance company that participates in several performances, competitions and workshops throughout the year. Auditions are held yearly for new members. This group has won several regional and national awards, performed at Walt Disney World, and most recently performed aboard Carnival Cruise Lines as part of the Dancin' At Sea Walt Disney World.

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